Paper: Tactile-driven grasp stability and slip prediction

Title: Tactile-driven grasp stability and slip prediction

Author: B. S Zapata-Impata, P. Gil, F. Torres
Journal: Robotics 2019, 8, 85.
Abstract: One of the challenges in robotic grasping tasks is the problem of detecting whether a grip is stable or not. The lack of stability during a manipulation operation usually causes the slippage of the grasped object due to poor contact forces. Frequently, an unstable grip can be caused by an inadequate pose of the robotic hand or by insufficient contact pressure, or both. The use of tactile data is essential to check such conditions and, therefore, predict the stability of a grasp. In this work, we present and compare different methodologies based on deep learning in order to represent and process tactile data for both stability and slip prediction.
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