Workshop ROMADO at IROS 2020

We are preparing a workshop on Robotic Manipulation of Deformable Objects (ROMADO) at IROS 2020. Notice that IROS 2020 will not be held in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the contents of the conference will be provided on the IROS On-Demand platform. This platform will be used to present the contents of this workshop.

This year the access to all the conference contents is free, check details at IROS 2020 web.

More details about the workshop with the list of invited speakers and contributed papers can be found in the workshop web. In the meanwhile, take a look to this introduction video of the workshop ROMADO:

PhD Thesis: Robotic manipulation based on visual and tactile perception

Brayan Stiven Zapata Impata (University of Alicante, Linkedin) is going to defend his PhD Thesis on the topics of COMMANDIA under the supervision of Professor Pablo Gil. The dissertation is planned on September, 17th, 2020 in Alicante, Spain.

Author: Brayan Stiven Zapata Impata
Supervisor: Pablo Gil Vazquez
Dissertation date: September 17th, 2020.
Title: Robotic manipulation based on visual and tactile perception.
Abstract: In this thesis, we provide solutions for various challenges in robotic manipulation. Applying visual perception, a robotic assistant could find grasps on unknown objects. With the use of tactile perception, the robot could predict whether the grasp is stable and even identify in which direction might be slipping the grasped object. As a result, the robot could trigger strategies for keeping the object stable. Finally, integrating our tactile data generation system with the rest of the modules, the assistive robot could feel the grasps before actually moving itself, so less objects would be dropped due to visually stable grasps that are actually slippery.

SIGMA Clermont at ICRA 2020

Partner Institut Pascal of project COMMANDIA is participating in a virtual booth at ICRA 2020.

You can see in the following the information about the project in the virtual booth about COMMANDIA and our goals:
Development of a mobile manipulator team that will handle deformable components of footwear in order to assemble shoes in industrial environments.
Real-time deformation tracking based on multi-camera RGBD systems. Grasp synthesis for stable manipulation of soles, fabrics and other components of footwear.
Deformation control of soft components by the manipulation with multi-arm robotic systems, Multi-robot coordination strategies for active perception and collaborative transportation tasks.
Application to a real demonstrator chosen by industrial partners. This research project (SOE2/P1/F0638) is funded by the Interreg Sudoe Programme and FEDER. More information here.

Institut Pascal will also answer any questions of the attendants by the Slack channel inside ICRA2020:
1. You need to register to the general workspace Slack of the conference.
2. When you log in the ICRA Slack, you need to click in the left menu to add the channel of Institut Pascal. You can search by the name of Institut Pascal or you can add the direct link.


The advances of project were presented by teleconference in the meeting of the COMMANDIA consortium on May 22, 2020. Some snapshots of the presentations can be seen is the following sequence of images:

COMMANDIA workshop at IROS 2020

A workshop of COMMANDIA project is in preparation to be held at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) at The Caesars Forum Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA, October 25-29, 2020. The workshop is entitled ROMADO: RObotic MAnipulation of Deformable Objects. More details can be found at the workshop page of ROMADO.

How to flip a sole?

The sole of a shoe is a flexible piece of material that needs to be handled gently in order to fix it with the rest of the shoe. Specially if one of the faces of the sole is full of glue. The following video, courtesy of INESCOP, shows that the automatic manipulation can be performed successfully with a robot arm.




The IEEE Students, Women in Engineering and Young Professionals congress (SWYP) is the most important event of the IEEE in Spain at the student and youth level. Each year it brings together approximately 80+ students and young engineering professionals from all over the country. It is supported and sponsored by the Spanish Section of the IEEE, the largest engineering association in the world.

Unfortunately, due to the crisis caused by the virus COVID-19 and following the recommendations of the Government of Aragon and the Ministry of Health all activities related to the SWYP 2020 were cancelled taking responsibility and prudence in this extraordinary situation. A workshop on the topics of COMMANDIA we organized was also cancelled, but we let here the poster we prepared which could have been presented.


COMMANDIA at Advanced Factories 2020

COMMANDIA was present at the annual meeting Advanced Factories 2020 in Barcelona (3-5, March). Advanced Factories brings together the most innovative companies in industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing, along with all the technologies that are driving reindustrialization, improving industrial competitiveness and ultimately providing lower manufacturing costs and new business models.

SICUR 2020

SICUR is Spain’s leading international security event. Every two years, it brings together public and private security companies, associations and professionals in Madrid.